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Post-earthquake Japan, by the numbers (via Kyodo News):


  • 433 confirmed dead
  • 784 people reported missing
  • Amount of radiation released inside a control room at Fukushima nuclear power plant “1,000 times normal”
  • 3,000 residents ordered to evacuate from a 10-mile radius and a 3-mile radius around two nuclear power plants, respectively
  • 3,400 buildings damaged or completely destroyed
  • 200 fires
  • 181 nursing or welfare homes damaged
  • 1,800 homes destroyed in Fukushima Prefecture
  • 5.57 million households without power
  • 1 million households without running water
  • 50,000 Self-Defense Forces deployed to aid residents and municipalities in rescue efforts
  • Nine expressways closed
  • At least 464 domestic flights cancelled
  • More than 120,000 people in Tokyo unable to return home due to suspension of mass transit services and / or traffic congestion


i really really really miss my party life.
30231.) i’m bisexual. i wish i was brave enough to say it but everyone’s so judgmental, they make it impossible. people make jokes about bi’s or lesbians and i have to laugh along… i’m living a lie.

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January 29, 2011

This is me right now. Laying in the dark on the computer watching tv and downloading jay park videos ^_^ (as you can see. Lol)
hope i feel better soon.

i hate that i probably won’t be going out tonight D: